Saturday, 30 April 2011

Kelantan Trip

Ok, it's weird for a Kelantanese to write a post entitled "Kelantan trip", but honestly, I don't think I know Kelantan deep enough .And if my friends had not visited me, I wouldn't know there are places that actually we can visit, in contrary to the fact that I always tell my friends when they ask about Kelantan: There is nothing much you can see in Kelantan...

In fact, being a state at the northern border of Malaysia with Sg Golok stretching in between Malaysia and Thailand, our cultures are so enriched and blended in a special way (that not everyone can accept). Moreover, Kelantan dialect is so special, when you speak in Kelantan dialect when non-Kelantaneses are around, they hardly get what you are talking about. But to tell the truth, I am so ashamed that I grade my Kelantan dialect as band 1 or 2 only...not even a pass.haha...

And now, I start to learn about Kelantan. I start to explore it with my friends. I hope it is not too late, by the way.

The Bradley Steps near the Police Station of Kuala Krai, which is used to measure the level of flood, hence warning people about the imminent floods...

After going down from the Bradley Steps, what you can see is the Kelantan River, and the floating houses on Kelantan River. Hm, the water looks like teh tarik right...

The Bradley Steps also serve as a platform/small jetty to connect the UK--Ulu Kelantan to Kuala Krai main town. Passangers are seen moving from the boat to the steps.

Next, we headed to Dabong, which is approximately 80km from Kuala Krai main town.

There, we visited the Gua Ikan Recreational Park. It's a limestone cave with river stream flowing along it. But during April, the weather is so hot, the stream become so small.

There are few more caves like Gua Keris, Gua Pagar where you need to hire tour guide to bring you inside.

4 lassies in front of the cave.

The limestone mount. We didn't go inside the caves, as we don't have a tour guide.

This is the gem of Kelantan...The Air Terjun Jelawang(Jelawang Waterfall), falls from a height of 303m, is said to be the highest waterfall in South-East-Asia. From far, we could see the staggering stream of water gushing down from Stong Mountain. Despite April and May are the hottest months, water is still flowing down. We thought the water will dry up, none of us actually bring clothes for changing, so we missed the chance to bath in the water.

Jelawang Waterfall is not as polluted as Lata Rek Waterfall yet, the water is very clear and cool.

Jelawang Waterfall is located at Mount Stong National Park. Mount Stong stands 1,433m tall. You need to hire tour guide to bring you up to the top. It takes around ~3 hours to get to the top. And you need to spend one night on top of the mountain. The price is RM110 per pax(price includes a tour guide, an overnight stay in a chalet at the top).

The Resort's main office.

A guy doing stunt by jumping into the water from quite a significant height...

Another reminder, they play at their own risk...

A notice saying that so far 9 people were drowned in the waterfall. Horrifying number. The water can be as deep as 5m. Play at your own risk. But the cool water is so so tempting...

Stong Hill Resort, officiated by Duli Yang Maha Mulia Tengku Anis, the Kelantan Queen,1994.

A sample of the resort's chalet.

For further information, you can contact :
Mr Azmi at +609 9199898 .
Resort :+609 9362000
+609 9362002
+609 9360001
Fax :+609 9361201
Email :
Facebook :pages/Gunung-Stong-State-Park-Resort.

To be continued...

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

White ants

This is the consequence of deserted my room for a long time...
I use it for few days every 3-4 monthly.
And these inhabitants during my absence, are gaining their powers bigger and bigger,and expanding their territories wider and wider...
They are eating up the back of my book shelf!!
As long as they dont eat up my books,
I still can bear it. Or else I will really get mad.
What to do, this house is 23 years old, and upstairs can be their
kingdom, as the floor is made up of PARQUET, their source of

Saturday, 23 April 2011


Yesterday was at Watson, searching for a lip balm with SPF to protect my lips when I go Krabi this early May. Normally I don't use lip balm at all, because I moisturize my lip with plenty of water. Many said lips, like our skin, need protection against the sunlight to slow down ageing...But I just don't like to put on oil on my lips.

So I browsed through all the lip balms on the shelf, searching for cheaper one as I dont really care about the quality as long as my lips never get darker after hours of sun exposure...

And I saw this, ZA vitamin lip balm, SPF26, with a label written: discount 50%!

The original price was RM14.90, so after discount, it will be around RM7.50. I think it is reasonable~So I went to pay for it with my mom, and the price turned out to be RM14.90...
I was puzzled, so I went to look at the label at the shelf...
I picked up the label and read: RM14.90, 50% discount, correct.....
But there was a tiny statement that i missed, which was hidden: with purchase of one ZA product...
This time really "ZA" DAO....
I ended up buying the most expensive lip balm on the shelf...@@#$%^&*!&
Anyway it is tasty with tinge of ascorbic acid flavour.Which is pleasant.

A Thin Line

There is only a thin line between love and hatred.
There must be a very strong foundation built up of love, to forgive every mistake one does.
Or else, it will forever falls on the hatred side.
It's hard to find a balancing point.
For every second you want to love, you find reasons to hate it.
For every second you want to forgive, you hold grudges.
Pardon me for not being angelic yet.
For I am human beings.
I am still learning.

Thursday, 21 April 2011


I was just about to fall asleep, did it happen too fast?
It was like seconds after I dozed off, I dreamt that my brother was holding FROGS in his hands, and he threw it to my direction!! I woke up flabbergasted, felt cold in the heart.
I told the story to my brother the next day, and he just smiled.
Maybe I ate too much NAM-NAM, the frog-like fruit.I mentioned it in facebook.
I dont think it's a dream, because it happened too fast...
Can REM phase(the stage when you dream) occurs so fast??normally it takes around 90 minutes to reach that state...

I remember in psychiatry I learned about the term hypnopompic and hynagogic hallucination.
In hypnagogic, eg. one can hear the bell rings or people calling one's name while falling asleep. In fact, it's just a vivid, dreamlike hallucination.
In hypnopompic hallucination, it occurs when one is waking up.
These are quite common.

Suddenly I feel eager to do some "research" on “鬼压身”,which I once experienced it during age of 14-15. At that time, I was awake, but my body just couldn't move. I trully heard noises surrounding me, but I couldnt comprehend it.
So, I googled it.
It is called "sleep paralysis", or 梦魇(眼)in Chinese, or "kena tindih" in Malay.
I was not really that afraid at that time, because I know it can be explained.
被鬼压 does not literally mean being "pressed by a ghost". In fact, it is an inability to perform voluntary movements when falling alseep or upon awakening, because the body is in REM phase, which is a deep sleep stage, whereby you cant move your body at this stage. But, somehow your mind remains aware.Once REM completed, you are fully awake and can move your body.
Of course, I've heard lots of ghost stories regarding this theme.
Like ppl who is having sleep paralysis, waking up to see one big fat guy sitting on his tummy, causing the paralysis...blah blah...eerie yet funny.

爸爸的家乡。My Father's Hometown.

在我还未开始阅读My Spiritual Journey,Dalai Lama,先把一些记忆写下。

I should write this in English.So that, one day, who knows, my father and mother want to read my blog.haha. They dont read Chinese. They are bananass, proud to say that, who know a lot, like my encyclopedia, my reference book. I just want them to know how much I treasured and cherish these memories that we cant go back. Will translate when have time...

小时逢周末我们常会跟着爸爸,乘车到salor, 他的家乡,探望年迈的婆婆。
我从来听不懂他们在说啥。只会kin kao, ap nam,1,2,3,4......Loi loi Krathung....



吓得我哇哇大叫。这时,哥哥很镇定很勇敢地拿了把斧头,一刀把蜈蚣给砍下去!bom ! 蜈蚣死了。至今,我还很好奇小时曾被蜈蚣咬过进院和害怕蟑螂的哥哥,那时哪儿来的勇气?







我记得小时的玩伴,不记得她们的名字了,她们家里很贫苦的,但我却喜欢去她们家玩。记得姐姐脸上有port-wine stain, 不知是不是sturge weber syndrome呢?不知现在的她们过得好不好?

爸爸的家乡,也是我们家一只忠狗Dido 的家乡。至幼小有印象开始,Dido就陪着我们一起长大。看过它咬死无数只蛇(说穿了你会害怕:不是普通的蛇哦,是眼镜蛇!)、猴子、biawak。。。中学时,它因为老了,离开了我们。我很想念它。如果它现在在世,它的命会好很多,因为爸爸会比较有闲情疼爱狗了,看看家里现在poppy就知道。




之后,我们没回去了。 妈说那间家卖了。



Tuesday, 12 April 2011


签下check out的卡后,我望了望陪了我一年的单人房,我留下的一个ribena闹钟在嘀嗒响着。




好不容易赶到KL Central,火车行程delay一小时半!
还遇上土崩,结果火车在Kuala Lipis停了五小时。。。
原本scheduled 8am到kk的,竟拖到下午2.15pm。有史以来最长的火车车程!



想到妹妹介绍我看的Bangkok Traffic Love Story<下一站,说爱你/轻快恋曲〉里的故事。



Sunday, 10 April 2011


Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Yay!i made it!
The end of "Final Hurdle".
Now i can't scold if someone call me Dr...hehe...
What a wonderful graduation night...
The feeling is kinda mix now.The climax came down.
And now,a new journey is awaiting ahead of me...
The journey of a doctor.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

less than 24 hrs to go

Flashbacks. Repeating thoughts. Uncertainty. Am suffocating....I should have ran out from this place for the sake of myself. Using LOUD and NOISY music to make myself numb... NUMB.DUMB.FUMBLING. Can I fast forward the time??

Friday, 1 April 2011

It's over

Finally it's over.Hard to describe the feelings...
Lots of worry.
I thought I could sleep like pig after exam, yet I woke up earlier than expected.
How much time do I need to recover from this stupor-like condition....
When can I gain back my appetite and the usual me?

Waiting for judgement day...
Pls...once is enough.

Praying hard.