Friday, 4 July 2008


Big head dog with innocent look.
"I know I have to sit to earn a stroke, or when a meal is given"
" I can even do stunt by dragging my leg"

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Bob, A Brave Fighter

This was Bob...Papa called him eh-Bob. He was a stray dog...he drifted to our house. That time Dido was ill. We tried to chase him away but he seem determined to stay back. So, we adopted him. Picture taken on December, 2004, when monsoon struck East Coast. He was standing, looking into the water which nearly flooded our house compound. He is an alert,smart,loyal dog.
One day, a king cobra entered our parking lot. He fought fiercely with the king cobra and defeated the snake. We thought he was happy with the triumph, jumping around...However, Bob collapsed 30 minutes later...We never knew he was attacked by the fatal, deadly fangs.We were heartbroken...He was a brave fighter. We will remember him forever.

Ah Piow

Hann with Ah Piow the yellow cat. We love cats and dogs. This was one of our pet few years ago(2004). But Piow vanished from earth one day. Maybe he had an accident. Yeen was sad. But we rather believe that he was sesat and adopted by another family

Guess what is this?

Guess what is this? Playboy?A fish? An urticaria?
NO, it was a fish shape bruise on my left leg, below the knee.
I got this "fish" as a result of kneeling down during a dance practice.
I participated in Festival Seni during 2nd semester of 2nd year.
We practiced hard for the Chinese Traditional dance competition. We performed "Thousand Arms Thousand Eyes".
Our hard work paid off when we got 2nd place. It was a great leap for us!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


It is another midnight...
I like Midnight...because the world is peacefully silent, where my mind can think clearly. No one is there to disturb me.
Undeniable, I am a nocturnal animal.
Even though i always complain about Yeen, why she always sleep late, and she sniffed at me...I used to urge her to bed because I think that staying up late is jeopardizing your health.
That was when my circadian rhythm was normal. Now, after spending one month doing nothing at home, I screwed up the rhythm.
It has been more than one week where I go to bed at 6-7 morning. One day i even slept at 8am++.And I wake up normally at 2-3pm. The worst is 3.35pm.
This is called abnormal, isn't it? I don't set the alarm, because I want my body to recharge to the fullness. Maybe I pampered myself too much! Until I screwed up myself. Now there's is less than one week for me to adjust it....Oh!My lovely holiday is soon come to an end!
I hate dawn, not hate actually, terrified. Because my mind always tell me, it's bad to sleep too late. When our mind is set like this, we always afraid to break the rules. Once i break it, i feel guilty...
Nevermind, just do whatever i like. Because I will force myself to sleep early once new semester starts.

I am thinking of which blogs to be my main blog, as i have few blogs. But, it is time consuming,and need brain storming to maintain and update different stories into different blogs. I remember of having a blog at blogspot. Many people using it. But Spaces also not bad...

A Forgotten Blog

it's been more than one year i never update this doesn't mean that i stop writing, just that i write in different blogs...I am thinking of choosing one site as my main blog...but stil havent come to a conclusion..