Monday, 29 September 2008

For One More Day

Bought this book one year ago at KLCC bookfest. I like to keep books. I dont know when i am going to read it. Until i find a suitable mood to read it.It was a second book i read from Mitch Albom.Didn't feel like studying Talley or NK Chew,i grabbed this book from my bookshelf and gave it a quick read.
If i were given one more day to be spent with, who will be that person and what kind of situation will that be?
I don't know, as i haven't loss my love one yet.
But losing our parents or love one is surely devastating.
We usually don't appreciate what we have currently, and we realize it only after we lose it.
I like this:
"Mom"-- they take it from you FOREVER when they died.
U don't have chance to call it again.
When my grandfather died few years ago, i remembered my mother told me, she wished that my grandfather's soul could appear on the 7th day of his death.She was not afraid of seeing ghost, instead she was looking forward eagerly.
And of course, ghost did not appear eventually.
But what i learnt was, u'll feel sorry for not fulfilling someone's wishes.u'll feel guilty for not treating someone good when they are still alive.
Death is unpredictable.
Our parents and loved one should be CHERISHED.
Don't yell and grieve over them in their funeral.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Monday, 15 September 2008

midautumn festival

This was the 4th year i m not celebrating midautumn festival with my family. Actually we didn't really celebrate it at house. Not even a prayer. We don't practise it. But at least we ate mooncakes together. when i was small,i loved to light up the candles at my front house...
This is the 1st time i feel boring during midautumn festival...there was no atmosphere at all...
but at least i went out to have dinner with friends whom are like my family.
For the 1st time i don't feel like celebrating any festival.
How many years i hv to wait in order to celebrate it with my family? 3 years? perhaps more than that.