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Monday, 30 May 2011

DIY mask

Ok. I am experimenting the DIY yoghurt+oatmeal mask as the beauty guru said it is beneficial to the skin~Most importantly the ingredients are easily available and it is natural~Which means it is mild to skin~

Before starting to work days and nights, need something to nourish my skin~~

Wah...looks like a ghost...aghast!

Nvm, I have Mom to accompany me...

And the result after 15 mins: smooth and supple skin~

It really works~

Saturday, 28 May 2011


Today I learn some facts about sunscreen. I seldom put them on my face, as it makes my skin oily, unless I am playing outdoor activities whereby I will let the sun kisses my skin. But it is interesting to know and some more being mid 20s is an awkward age...The skin condition is at its peak and it is going to deteriorate afterwards if we don't take good care!
Thanks to The Star,educated me regarding this topic.

I know there are UVA and UVB, but I do not know the fact that UVA penetrates deeper into our skin and causes damage to the DNA in our cell.UVA is also the culprit behind wrinkling and photoageing. Whereas, UVB causes sun burn.

SPF, which is the key words that most of us concern about when purchasing a sun block, is used to shield UVB, to prevent sun burn. It does not give the protection towards UVA.
The higher the SPF number, means the longer you can stay under the sun without getting sun burn. It does not offer higher protection.

Before this, I thought SPF could shield both UVA and UVB
It turns out that the "PA+" is the one that shields the UVA.
"PA" stands for Protection Grade of UVA.
PA+ is sufficient for most activities but if you intend to stay longer under the sun, opt for higher PA like PA+++.
The presence of certain compounds like:zinc oxide, titanium dIoxide,avobenzone in the sunscreen help to deflect the UVA.

And so I dig out all the sunscreens that I have. Found few bottles, as I will never able to finish them...
Sunplay sunscreen, SPF130 PA++, by far, the highest SPF that you can find in the market. Water resistant, liquid base and non sticky. Small amount for great surface area. Really non-sticky. Easily portable as its size is small...

Bought this from Krabi, Thailand. Cant find this in M'sia. The latest sun block from Nivea. Suitable for sea& beach activities. SPF50 PA++, with immediate COLLAGEN and DNA protection! This is really new. Water resistant and claims non-sticky(which i still find it a bit sticky). Good thing about this product is you don't have to apply 20mins prior to outdoor activity, its effect is immediate~and when I wash it off, my skin feel soft and supple~this may be attributed to the collagen in it. Bad thing: need great amount to cover the body compared to liquid base Sunplay product.+sticky~

Banana Boat Sport, SPF 50, UVA&UVB protection, sweat resistant, water resistant, fragrance free and non-greasy. No PA written on it. But the ingredients include oxybenzone, can be used to shield UVA. Still find it a bit greasy...

Nano White Omega Day Shield, sunscreen for the face, with SPF50. The sign "++" is confusing. Does it imply SPF50++ which means SPF more than 50,(which is actually more than adequate for face!) of contains PA++? I dont feel greasy or oily with this product. It can be used as moisturiser as well.

At last, how much of sunshine is sufficient for us to prevent Vitamin D deficiency??

The answer is 5-30 minutes of sun exposure for 2 times a week!
So say no to more than that~~

Monday, 23 May 2011


Had spending spree at the drug store:Watson and Guardian!
Sigh...tempted because of the promotions...

Bought the sleeping mask that I've been longing for a long time:the Bio-essence sleeping mask, I guess it's the best for lazy people like me, who dislike to lay on the bed doing nothing and seeing nothing with a typical mask on the face.
I hope my sensitive skin won't reject it...pls pls pls...
If it does, then I'll have to pass it to my sis...hehe.
If it doesn't, I hope it will make my skin moisturized, and helps defend against ageing!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Haleeva Sunshine Hotel

Ok, this will be my first time to write a review on a hotel.
I found out reviews are very useful after I read it from tripadvisor.co.uk.
I would like to pay compliments to Haleeva Sunshine Hotel at Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand.
The manager, Sun, is a friendly guy. He speaks good English. So do his staffs, use understandable English. As I say, you don’t have to worry whether you can speak Thai or not at place like Ao Nang, Krabi.
We felt warm and comfortable staying at Haleeva Hotel.

Being a traveling student, of course we want everything economical and within our budget. We rent the room with RM50 per pax (RM100 per room for standard room). And it is worthwhile.
Despite being rated as 3 stars hotel, but the service, cleanliness and politeness of the staff are 5 stars in standard.
The location is very strategic. It is about 5-10 minutes walk to the beach. Along the walk, you will find stores, restaurants and massaging&spa centres.
The 7-11 24 hours store is just within 1 minute walk.
There is a motorcycles rental shop at the hotel’s front door. We rent a bike for RM20 per day. Not far away (within 30s of ride), there is a fuel station where you can top up the fuel for RM3.50 per L. Honestly, it is very cheap if you want to travel to Krabi Town or explore Ao Nang/Krabi Town by using motorcycle.
Anyway, if you don’t have any idea, there are tourist information centres within 1 minute walk. You can get free pamphlets or map of Ao Nang. The hotel itself provides packages, tours, and information to customers. We made our booking to Phi Phi island through the counter.

Sun, the manager, like his name, has bright characteristic. He is a very helpful and informative guy. He would recommend us what restaurant to go, where to visit and even spend time to draw map for us. In case we get lost, we can even call him for help. He even took effort to remember our names. We have 6 people and he could remember all of us!

His staffs also showed hospitality.
Will definitely recommend this hotel to my friends.
Next time can stay at room with Jacuzzi~~>-<

Motorbike rental service just one step from the front door of the hotel.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011




"Water For Elephant", 两年前在书展里发现的一本书,很想买,可是那本是翻译的书,我比较喜欢原文。而且书皮烂了,所以我没买。

虽然有家里还有很多读物,好比Dalai Lama的My Spiritual Journal,Tun Mahathir的A Dr In the House(很厚的一本书!),Naseem 的The Crying Tree...都是妈妈买的。


Monday, 2 May 2011

Kelantan Trip 2

At only one glance, you will think this is just another typical Chinese temple in Kelantan...
But wait, don't be fooled...

This is actually a MOSQUE, yes, a Muslim mosque, called Beijing Mosque at Rantau Panjang, Kelantan.

This mosque is very unique in its way. It is a fusion of Chinese and the Islamic architecture.

Even the gate resembles the Chinese style.

Close up for the gates.

Etiquettes when the entering the vicinity/compound of the mosque: proper attire covering the aurat(of course it includes the genitalia. In Kelantan, wearing appropriately conservative means you are suppose to cover your arms/forearms, and preferably above the ankles), courtesy and good manners...etc...

In Kelantan, there is no dress code or restriction for non-Muslim. But, being a conservative state, people will stare and gaze at you if you are wearing too inappropriately exposed. People always have misconception, that non-Muslim women in Kelantan are required to wear tudung(veil). In fact, by using common sense, there is no such rule.

There are many(20+) temples at Tumpat, they are greatly influenced by Thailand.

The Standing Buddhas...The Buddha at the front is smaller, whereas the standing Buddha at the back stands at 49 foot...


The Dragon Boat Temple, or Wat Maisuwankiri, is the most impressive to me so far, for its spectacular carvings on the pillars, or precisely the whole building, is finely and creatively carved. The above board says : This temple is located at Kampung Bukit Tanah in Tumpat. It is said to have been concstructed around 400 years ago by expert craftsmen from Thailand...Cost: RM300,000. Width:4 hectares. It hosts a number of celebration like Wesak Day and Lunar Chinese New Year...

The interior and exterior of the building is fully engraved.

What's so special about the carvings? They are all "3D" carvings...you can feel the buddha bulging out...

All the pillars are decorated with the Buddha carvings, and painted in gold colour.

This was not the first time I went to Dragon Boat Temple, but this was the first time I looked thoroughly to its extensively engraved walls and pillars, and I was amazed. How much time the craftsmen spent to produce this breathtaking carvings?

It would be nice if I have a DSLR camera...A typical digital camera is not good enough to mimic our vision.

And this is where the temple gots its name...The Dragon Boat...

The Sleeping Buddha Temple, Wat Phothivihan.

The lion? sculpture at Sleeping Buddha Temple (Wat Phothivihan)

This sleeping Buddha measures 40m long, is said to be the biggest statue in South-East-Asia.

There are 12 different Buddha statues which represent 12 zodiacs at Sleeping Buddha Temple. Posing with my zodiac...TIGER...haum...

There is story drawn at the base of the big Buddha sculpture.

Thousand hands Guan Yin sculpture(千手观音). I like sculpture with bright colour~~

Wat Machimmaram. The Sitting Buddha.

The enormous Buddha sitting on top of the temple.

Again, carved picture depicting story and journey of enlightenment of Buddha all along the wall interiorly. Above: Buddha saw people being tortured cruelly in the hell.

Brilliantly coloured.

People living in the hell, pleading to be forgiven...from being cooked in the hot pot...

Dont know what the picture trying to tell.with naked humans climbing on the tree full with thorns..Dogs and eagle are trying to hunt them...maybe it means this world is fulled of ppl trying to torture another by forcing them with dire situation.or it's human basic instinct to survive despite physically hurt ..or simply means punishments for the wrong things they did in the past?.......