Sunday, 29 March 2009

What a busy posting

Struggling to finish case summary...while listening to favourite song "Crucify My Love" by x-japan...never feel bored of this song...

Haven't study much for obstetric and gynaecology posting until now.Honestly, only touched about history and physical examination. At the same time have to complete the 1st case summary by end of 1st week.then have to prepare one new case for Dr F,the tyrant, by tomorrow night. I wonder what will be on Monday morning.Many good appraisal for him.('-_-)

On 8 of April, there will be Environmental Health exam.Hell.Need to study about type of wells, processing clean water...waste disposal....blah blah....
I miss surgery posting now. So relaxing and there's ample of time. to sleep. to study. whatever.

Anyway, anticipate the moment i witness spontaneous vagina delivery next week!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

stupid thief

my new imported biscuits was stolen by stupid thief.a big box just vanished like frustrated yet so funny.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

My room was BROKEN in!!

This is a letter I intend to write to the authority. I lost an external hard disc and MP4. ANGRY!!It is not the money or value that cause my heartache, but it is the matter of the things i stored, movies, music, my sister's animation, pictures?!!
If you have anything to add, fry, condemn.... do let me know.thanks.i think i m quite gentle from the way i wrote.I really want to say:what the heck!

To whom it may concern,

Complaint About Break-in at Student’s Hostel at Hospital Tuanku Ampuan Rahimah

I, the above named, would like to lodge a complaint about the recent break-in at our hostel, which occurred at room XXXX, on 13 March 2009, Friday, 1.30pm.

2. For your information, the hostel was unoccupied for 2 weeks as we, as Phase IIIA medical students of University Malaya, had to complete our Community Resident Project starting from 02.03.09-15.03.09 at different districts in Pahang. On 13 March 2009, I came back from Pahang to my hostel. I was shocked to find that my door was not locked. When I opened the door, I found out that the grills at the windows of my room were prised open!

3. Initially, what crossed my mind was some workers entered my room to do some repairs. Who else could have the duplicate keys to our rooms other than the management? I am not blaming the management for the loss, it is merely my assumption that someone has somehow manage to duplicate the key. I once heard from the security guard the hostel door was difficult to break in as the door lock was secure. To my shock, when I opened my drawer, I found that my external hard disc and MP4 worth RM200 and RM100 respectively were disappeared!

4. My friend’s room, room YYYY was broken into in the same manner. She lost a printer which was locked inside the cupboard; whereas my roommate lost a handphone worth RM1000 which was locked inside the drawer, a charger and a branded pen. The total lost was estimated to be RM2000.00.

5. We took for granted that leaving our valuable stuff inside the room while flocking out for 2 weeks is an unwise action. But, how could we stay here, in Asrama Perubatan Hospital Tuanku Ampuan Rahimah peacefully when our safety is so threatened and endangered. This statement is based on:
(i) The security level of this hostel is lax and could easily be breached.
(ii) Intruders are able to move freely and linger inside our room while we are not around
(iii) The intruders are so brilliant, even things we locked safely in the drawers and
Cupboards with padlocks were successfully broken into.

6. Without speedy action, we cannot sleep peacefully every night thinking of the burglary. What if someone enters our rooms at night? I would not dare think of the terrible consequences of that happening. I would suggest that the security of the hostel and its surrounding be beefed-up so that future hostelites would not become victims. In addition, security checks should be done more often and the locking system should be reviewed.

Thank you.