Monday, 10 October 2011




其实我国也有蛮多好听的歌曲,就如这一首来自faizal tahir很有Inspiration的歌。第一次听这首歌是在大学,是马大其中一年的迎新歌~~从来都不知道这首歌什么名字,终于在facebook上看到了!

其实有时觉得马来rock song更加有看头。。。

Saturday, 8 October 2011

It's my Convo:06-10-2011!

Thanks to Hock Chai and Francios!for this cute penguin!
Skin Food facemask from Buddies!

Look yummies to skin!

Teddy bears from lovely cousin...

All the flowers that were given to me:were captured at the most brilliant moment~their colours will stay forever here....

My favourites:sunflowers and chocolates!
The cute angry birds!Thanks to ah Kiang

Thanks to Shenq Jang!

Perfume by UMITIANs~~Thanks for remembering me!

And last but not least....Ang Paus from dearest relatives!

And few more presents which I am unable to show now because my camera threw tantrum immediately after my convo...sigh!

Thanks to all!