Saturday, 30 January 2010


She said:"Do not lose your CONSCIENCE while treating your patient. Do not be dishonest to the patient, and to YOURSELF. Do not betray your conscience by telling different fact to your patient. Because of unscrupulous doctor who only thought about profit, now I lose my faith to Doctor.Can you become a good one in the future?"

"I was longing to go to my daughter's graduation, seeing my children getting married. I was a dancer. Now everything is ruined..."

I was in the brink of breaking down.

This was what a terminally ill patient told me, who chooses to end her life gradually at home instead of getting treatment.

Sometimes, we lose ourselves while fulfilling our dreams. We don't realize that we are changing in a way...a way that we can't even recognize ourselves. The power of darkness is overwhelming, that most of the time we surrender our soul...

The darkness is awaiting in the future. You can choose to enter, or retreat.
I hope the advice could help to illuminate me, from the impending darkness which hovers around.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


If you are born colour-blinded, and no one tells you there are actually something called COLOURS in this world, you will stay colour-blinded the rest of your life without knowing that this world is embellished with beautiful colours.

I was incidentally found out to be stereotypical blind after reading a 3D chart (Thanks to XX, optometrist-to-be who did a full eye examination for me today. It is free of charge, at UKM's optometrist clinic. Anyone interested to be subject, can contact me)

Ehem...what is that?not much information i can find on Google. It is actually synonym to 3D blindness. I think this is a kind of condition, existing ever since the invention of 3D and advancing technologies.

If I were born 100 years earlier, should have no problem right? Television doesnt even exist that time.

The frustration was like this: You give me a blank page and ask me to read, i said i see nothing, but actually the reading lines do exist, you just can't see it.

It is like telling someone with colour-blind, try to imagine these colours: red, orange, yellow, pink....can u actually describe COLOURS?And tell one who doesn't even know its existence to imagine about?

My sis said i should be grateful that i am not colour-blind...
i said yeah u tell a colour-blinded person, u r lucky that u r not blind...
like telling a person without hands,u are lucky that you still have legs...
like telling a handicapped person, u are lucky that you sitll alive....

so, the lesson?appreciate whatever u have and 感恩?

Nothing serious actually...
I dont know i should be happy or sad....happy because i can save money for watching further 3D movies...sad because i cannot enjoy the 3D technologies anymore

If i were not told, will I still believe that I could see 3D like other people do? I even spent RM18 to watch world renowned 3D AVATAR...n i believe i was normal.

Do check yourself with friends around, maybe u have the same problem. I am searching for a new member.haha.....

Saturday, 23 January 2010

In a Private Clinic

Did my general practice posting(GP) at Poliklinik Shaik at Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam. It's merely 4 minutes of driving from cousin's place. Was nervous the first day coz didn't know whether the Dr is going to be demanding or strict?Felt a little stressed up as i have to encounter this on my own.

The first day i went there, was wearing jeans and T-shirt before changing into formal attire. Didn't realise that i was in fact captured by 4 CCTVs it the clinic... 
I like the lamps and the lavender at the receptionist counter. The lighting and paintings remind me of Pizze Hut...

3 permanent staffnesses and 7 temporary workers working under this Poliklinik. Workers were busy at the receptionist counter.


Was suppose to spend 5 working day here, but since got tutorials and MPIS, i went there on the 4th working day at 7pm. I was worry whether i was able to complete my 50 patient's profile. But after 3 hours, I know it was not a problem. Dr seen more than 40 patients in 3 hours...

Inside the consultation room there was a framed stethoscope on the wall. It was Dr's first stethoscope given by his late father. Initially Dr's ambition was to be a pilot, but was then inspired by his late father to become a Dr. He graduated with first class from Manipal. Wow.

There were newly installed CCTVs, whereby Dr can monitor the receptionist counter, drug dispensing and waiting areas...


UFEME and full blood count can be analysed by these machine at the bottom. The machine above is for what huh...

Drug storage...

ECG stress test.Just before i left the clinic today, was able to have a glimpse of ECG stress test. The room was well equipped with oxygen tank and case patient collapse.....

Advanced ECG recording..

Dr Shaik and nerdy I...

Despite just 3 days...i was able to see more than 100 patients...n befriended with the staffness.

Sunday, 10 January 2010