Wednesday, 31 March 2010

In Love with Karen Mok~~


post call

yesterday was my 2nd on call. it was a success coz i did not sleep and manage to deliver 2 babies and did 2 partial episiotomy repair...i feel sorry for my patient for hurting them.i m very grateful that they allow me to learn from them...
i took a nap from 6.30am...thought of waking up at 8.30am and go to tutorial class at 9am...
i dozed off and eventually my friend called me at usual, i could not sort out what was happening in a short time...and then...SHIT...i was late for heart was pounding very fast...i was very tired but with all my will, i hurried to the class...i cant imagine if this happen if i were a houseman now...luckily i wasn't scold for being late...she should have scolded me...
3 more on calls to go...jia you jia you....

Sunday, 21 March 2010

I am Back.

Yeah!after spending one month of "isolation" at Banting Hospital, I am back!
If you longed for solitude and tranquil life, Banting is a good place.

Quite anxious for next posting, Obstetric posting where we are required to conduct 5 deliveries and do episiotomy repair...what a bloody job..

Read "The Best Laid Plan" by Sidney Sheldon which i borrowed from library of Blok Kuliah. It is recommended by JQ.
And another book entitled " Falling Leaves" by Adeline Yen Mah.

"The Best Laid Plan" is quite a good fiction book if u dont like too many emotional descrtiptions. Dialogues are plenty. It's more like reading a drama then a book. If u wanna try simple fiction, fast pace, without bewildered by bombastic words, this book is a pleasure.

"Falling Leaves" is sista's book. It's an autobiography of Adeline Yen Mah, an unwanted Chinese daughter of a wealthy family. I salute this author for her superb English(maybe my level is too low for her book), her determination to survive a lonely childhood, and her forgiveness towards her families in everything including betrayal of trust.

Few things i derived from this books: Indulgence of beauty of a father, who became irrational and ignorant to the author. most of the time when ppl are trying hard to content their children physically and materially, what really lack of is emotional necessity.

I tend to like books with emotional involvement, books where i can derive a lot of thoughts.
Maybe most of the time i tend to be emotionally detached from reality...
Which if u care much, u hurt yourself much...
I wish I could shed tears whenever I feel sad. I wish I could be fragile.
It become nebulous since when I picked up this camourflage?
Maybe this is what I am trying to search in those books, the long lost emotion for certain things.