Friday, 24 April 2009

my ears!

I have a perforated right tympanic membrane(耳膜)。I accidentally knew it on Monday when Doctor Saira was teaching WC to look into my ears using otoscope...and the Weber's test seemed to be positive.maybe it's due to some ear infection secondary to dog's tick that entered my ears when i was small...maybe it was the infection few months back which was responsible.i went to see doctor at HTAR that time and Dr Tee said my tympanic membrane was perforated but i wasn't convinced and ignore it. Now i knew i have to take care of my ears properly.sob sob...

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Hamsap patient or innocent patient?

ANGRY!!most of the time,we'll meet nice patient in the ward. This afternoon was an exception.
I accompanied SL to clerk a psychiatric patient which had attempted a suicide. I am not going to tell the story of how this patient attempted the suicide, but it is about the patient next to our patient who had committed the "crime".
Since we have to built good rapport with the patient, we need a good eye contact. So i slightly leaned forward to talk to the patient while SL sat on the patient's bed.
When i was talking and listening attentively, i felt a sudden struck on my buttock.
It was round and hard+firm, shape was like a fist, measuring a man's fist. It landed on my left buttock purposely and retreated immediately.
My intuition and instinct being a female commanded me to turn and i stared at the man behind me.
He was looking at me and asked:"Why? what happened?"
I stared at the patient. My heart was burning furiously. I wanted to shout FuXk YOU but my conscience halted me to do so. I replied:"your HAND!"and gazed straight into his eyes.
He said:"sorry, saya baru bangun dari tidur.TERKEJUT. saya tak boleh tidur nyenyak dalam hospital.Tangan terkeluar".
I was quite unsure whether he's real or talking big fat lie. But i did not want to misjudge a patient. what if he's telling me the truth?Moreover, it is not good for me to shout at him in front of my patient. and i was busy, rushing to finish the clerking before night falls.
So i persuaded myself to believe that he was innocent and turned to our patient and continued our clerking.
I changed my position and talked to our patient's mother while SL clerked our patient.
I asked the lady whether she saw the monster's act but she denied.
I did notice the monster look at my direction few times and i had no fear in returning back my stares.
The monster friends came to visit him. After around 1o minutes, the monster called me again. I went to his bed and again he asked:"what happened just now?"I saw NOT a bit sincere in his eyes.
I replied in a loud and higher tone:"You PUKUL PUNGGUNG saya dengan tangan awak. I was very angry! But if you didn't do it purposely, it is ok. But if u did it purposely, i will sue you and curse you not to reach paradise."of course, the last sentence was not blurted out.
If he was innocent, then my words didnt hurt him. if he really did it, perhaps he'll feel ashamed.
I think my voice was loud enough to reverberate to few beds around me.
He answered me the same thing again:saya terkejut dari tidur.
I couldn't do anything since i had no proof.

This is a situation commonly faced by female. many of my female friends encountered the same thing. but they usually dont know how to act.what to do?majority of the females are unsure whether they are molested or not since they dont have eyes at the back. Body to body contacts are normal in our daily life. sometimes i do accidentally hit someone's breast or buttock and vice versa. But why we dont care that much? because they dont do it with a bad intention, whereas the MONSTERs do.
If this happen to you,confront it bravely and don't keep silent. stare back at them and if they continue to touch your body part, shout for help.