Tuesday, 29 May 2007


i seldom dream(in fact we dream 4,5 times every night,just we don't realise n don't remember).maybe i don't think too much b4 i fall asleep...n maybe my memory is not good,so i can't remember what i dreamt.i only dream when the important exam approaches, i always dream that i am late to the exam hall, or i 4get that i have exam on particular day, or i overlseep, or i cant finish my exam paper....
i could only remember the last sentence dad told me b4 i woke up at 10.10am on 28 May. During the last few seconds, dad said:an appology is better than creating a disastrous problem....maybe i was thinking Hann's incident b4 i slept,that's y i dreamt such thing.i think dad is right, sometimes we should say sorry b4 it's too late. u won't lose anything saying the word.in our daily life we often say sorry when we did wrong like stepping on ppl's foot,or whn u accidentally hit someone....etc....but when it come to serious case,or when u hurt somebody's feeling, you found out it's hard to say that word.
i am a person who never say sorry easily in a quarrel...maybe my zi4 zun1 xin1 is strong,or mayb i am a tough person n ren4xing4.i feel sorry to my best fren.when we had an argument when we was young, usually i was the last person to say sorry even i was wrong. now,i learnt to say sorry before it's too late....
And i want that fellow to say sorry to my brother too!


i regret that i let the barber trimmed my hair yesterday.it become so light n thin now....anyway,cant deny that it is easy to manage my hair.whenever i go to barber shop,sure they'll complaint bout my hair:thick n dry...but i think they make a conclusion too fast,they havent's seen yeen's and annni's super thick hair yet....

Sunday, 27 May 2007

what happen to my brother?

now i am alone at da yi house...a bit boring...gui1 xin1 shi4 jian4...i need to hear my mom tell me about hann's story.i am quite worry actually.yesterday called yeen but she was sleeping i dun wanna disturb.n my hp got not enuff credit.
mom never tell me about that story...i just heard from kayryn n she ask me not to question mom except mom wanna tell me....i feel so sad for my brother...i just feel like i want to cry..how could the teacher did this to him??being his elder sister i just want to protect him.as far as i know,Hann is a naive kid.even though sometimes he is naughty n bad-tempered,he will never simply insult ppl especially ppl not his family member,or elder ppl like teacher,because he doesn't dare to do so.He's bad-tempered only in the house,coz when he get angry from outside,he doesnt know how to show it,n can only express it when he's at home....so Impossible he will insult the teacher.even if he do so, most probably he didn't notice he committed the mistake.He is innocent and Naive!!just a kid!
i chatted with yeen when i was writing blog.from the info she told me,it seems like the teacher,Mr Bxzlx, misunderstood hann.He considered that was an insult to himself.n so what??does that mean he can simply slap an innocent student in front of 30 students n punched his nose some more????what a stupid n childish act!!i feel so angry!
how could a so-called "human soul engineer" gave such punishment to my brother?instead he's destroying a kid's fragile soul.if i were the victim i will hate this teacher for all of my life...anyway,i still have to investigate,whether it's my bro fault or the teacher's fault.
i just wonder y dad had to go to school n made an apologise?isn't it he has the obligation to protect his son??how could he said sorry to the teacher who hit n punched his son?didn't he feel heartache??
mom n dad didn't know the incident until the school authority called home and demanded dad to go school for a meeting.hann didn't tell bout the incident coz he was scared,being scolded by parents...yeen said even now he doesn't realise the mistake he made coz he shows no angry to Mr B.nevertheless,i am afraid that this incident will leave a scar in his heart that no one knows...