Sunday, 14 October 2012



Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Feel dumb.Blessed.Grateful

Cant believe myself.Never thought of doing this.
I've studied this page few times only...Everytime when I assisted, I couldn't really appreciate what they were doing as the Lanz incision is so small and always the abdomen layers appear to be so thick and deep to peep inside.
Not until i was offered a chance to do it two days back!
I felt so dumb for not mastering my tie knot.Since medical school i was not good...Feel like bang my head to the wall...
But i am blessed with a good registrar who taught me patiently from skin incision until we found the appendix together...
The feeling of cutting was so exciting!
When both of us found the appendix, he said:"it's all yours"...
He is such a nice MO...I will call him my BOSS...:D
Suddenly, it's so inspiring...I think I will miss this posting because of him...and some other nice MOs
Surgery posting is not that bad after all...
If I were to become a surgeon, then this is the turning point.
But I know I am not gonna be..

Of course, because of me, a simple operation that normally takes 30 minutes became one and half hour.Finally he has proceeded fast in order not to fuss up the anaest.
Anyway, feel blessed to be supervised by him and I am very grateful.:D

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

如果思念是一种病 ,那我觉得我病了.
Sick.i think i'm sick.